Why We Do the Fall Festival


Each year the Fall Festival brings somewhere between 1400-2000 people to our campus -- and 40-50 families who do not have a church home.

It gets better…We have visitors in our worship services every week and that is a great thing, but if we have two new families each week, that’s about 100 families a year. So think of it this way – we could have six months’ worth of visitors in one night at the Fall Festival!

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: Six months of visitors in one night!

Swift Creek has been doing this event for years, and to be honest it is probably my favorite event we do each year. Let me share 4 reasons why I love the Fall Festival.

1.    It raises community awareness of our church.

I have talked with people who didn’t even know the name of our church but they know us as the “church that does the Fall Festival”. The benefit of this is that when these people who know us the Fall Festival church have a spiritual crisis (and they will) they know that Swift Creek is a church that cares about the community and they are much more likely to reach out for assistance from the church.

2.    It provides a safe alternative.

This event gives families another place to take their children other than walking neighborhood streets and knocking on the doors of strangers. Many of the things we see in the news make the prospect of the traditional night of trick or treating a little scary.

3.    It opens the door.

The Fall Festival generates a new group of prospects for the church. I know, I already mentioned this but we will follow up with those without a church home and thank them for attending the Fall Festival. Then in a few weeks we will invite them to join us for the Christmas Eve service and any other family friendly special events that may be coming up.

4.      It unites the church in service

This event unites the entire church body in service to the community like no other event we do. Everyone believer has talents and abilities from God, and this event is an amazing opportunity to come together as a church to serve together.

So these are just some of the reasons the Fall Festival is an important event not only for our community, but ultimately for our goal as a church of reaching people for Jesus.

Now, what does that mean for you?

In order to pull off such a large event, we need the involvement of our entire church family. That means we have a place for you! Here are some ways we need your help:

  • Donating Candy (we need about 1000 pounds of candy for the event)

  • Inviting your neighbors, friends and co-workers (especially those who do not have a church home)

  • Assisting in set up – we put up tables, chairs, tents, lights, banners as well as preparing the property for parking.

  • Serving at the event itself

    • Assisting people in parking

    • Welcoming people and helping them to register

    • Supervising the games and inflatables

    • Serving people food and drinks

    • Giving out the candy bags to the children

    • Making and serving popcorn

    • Driving a tractor for the hayride

    • Serving on the Safety Team

  • Engaging people in conversations to make them feel welcome and connected.

  • Praying that people will see their spiritual need to follow Christ and be connected to a church family.

I pray that you will be involved this year in at least one if not several of the ways listed above. Most of all join me in praying that our God will draw those who are far from Him to the Festival this year and that we will engage them in conversations about the greatness of our God!

I hope to see you October 31!

Pastor Bryan

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