What Are the Lay Leadership Positions in Our Church?

As a church member, it’s important to understand the polity of the church you attend (how the church operates and makes decisions). This knowledge will give you the power to understand how the church body functions to make decisions, and the role you play in this.

Swift Creek is comprised of four standing teams, along with our deacons, which is one of the offices of the Church (along with the pastors). All five of these teams are voted on by our church body. They each assist the pastors in making critical decisions for our church. Here are the five groups:

  1. Deacons—Deacons are called to help serve the church body. The word deacon means “servant, minister.” They are called to assist the pastors in serving and ministering to the Church. Their qualifications are found in 1 Timothy 3.
  2. Personnel Team—This team assists the church and senior pastor in matters pertaining to employed personnel.
  3. Stewardship Team—This team is responsible for providing oversight and accountability regarding the receiving and spending of all funds donated to the church.
  4. Missions Ministry Team—This team assists in developing policies to guide and direct the mission endeavors of the church.
  5. Nominating Team—This team receives recommendations from the pastoral staff for the staffing of all standing ministry teams (personnel, stewardship and missions teams), and recommends persons for such positions to be elected by the church.

Please know that you, as a member of Swift Creek, also have a vital role to play in the decisions our church makes. First you can pray for your leaders, including the pastors and these five groups of lay leaders. Also, you can be present at our business meetings to learn of any decisions the church is making or deciding to make. Finally, you can vote on the important issues of the church, such as approving these lay leader positions, calling pastors, and approving an annual budget. It’s special to be a part of a church where every member has a say and can pray. Please take advantage of these opportunities!

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