“How is God moving in your life right now?”

“How is God moving in your life right now?”

Have you ever been asked this question and your mind frantically searches for an answer that might make you look like you have it all together? It’s the same unease you get when someone asks you what you did last weekend...in that brief moment, you can’t remember to save your life. When we’re given some time to think about it, we generally answer and evaluate that question by looking at two things:

Our past.

In other words, we look at what God HAS DONE in our lives. This could have been our salvation or some other experience in the past. You were unemployed and God provided the right position, or your family member was sick but God brought healing. But that doesn’t answer the question: What is God doing in your life NOW?

Our performance.

Have you noticed how we tend to evaluate our relationship with God based on our performance? If I am attending regularly, giving regularly, and serving regularly, then I’m good. In other words, if we are doing a lot and keeping busy, then we are spiritually good.

Those evaluations certainly have merit, but I want to give you six other evaluations to help you determine how God is working in your life now.

How is God M.O.V.I.N.G. in your life right now?

Is God moving in your heart towards some type of ministry…a ministry that you are involved in out of the sincere desires of your heart? Would you be involved in that ministry if no one knew what were you doing, if you didn’t receive any credit for it?

“Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams.” (1 Samuel 15:22) When was the last time you heard from God’s Word and His voice, and simply obeyed?

When was the last time there was a God-inspired victory in your life? For example, a victory over some sin in your life or that bad habit that keeps recurring.

What is God teaching you NOW? How are you applying that instruction to your life?

Do you feel close to God? Do you seem near to Him, and He to you? Do you feel connected to God?

Are you connecting with other believers in your journey of faith? Are you participating in one of our connect groups, an Equipping class, or simply have some other Christ followers you are experiencing life with?

In the New Testament, salvation is often referred to in present tense. It’s called sanctification. Its essence is: what is God doing in your life now? Don’t base your relationship with God on your past or your performance. Base it on the present.

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