Have You Witnessed the Power of God?

Have you witnessed the power of God?

In the past two weeks I have hired 9 new childcare workers for our church activities. I have sat through many interviews and talked with numerous people. One of the ladies I hired had a great comment for discussion, which made me consider this question: “When you have been obedient to God’s calling, how have you seen him work?”

There are times in our lives that we feel called to something. Many of those times we are unsure of the calling and feel inadequate for the position. Sometimes it takes us out of our comfort zone and stretches us more than we hope, but more often than not if we are obedient we find that we are truly blessed by the experience are able to see the power of God on display.

Our preschool Gospel Project curriculum has brought us to the beginning of the prophets. The Bible is filled with stories of the men God chose to be his mouthpiece to his people and how called them to serve him in this way. We are currently learning about the transition from Elijah to Elisha.

It’s overwhelming to think about being chosen by God for such an important task. To know that you are the one that is going to relay his message to others. These men had important responsibilities and it was up to them to speak on behalf of God himself. However, the power of God was displayed in their ministry as they were obedient to God. Think of Elijah. He (by the power of God and through his prayers) was able to rain down fire from heaven onto the altar after pouring gallons of water over the entire thing. The Lord used Elijah to keep oil in the widow’s jar and kept them from starving while the whole land was in a drought. God’s power was on display because Elijah chose to be obedient to Him.

The calling of these men was clear and personal, and confirmed over and over. When Elijah’s time had ended and God brought Elisha to be his successor, God confirmed this in multiple ways. One of those ways was right at the end of Elijah’s life when he was taken up to heaven in a chariot. As soon as he was gone, Elisha picked up his cloak and parted the sea; a confirmation that God’s power was now alive and active in Elisha’s life.

God’s power is one of the most incredible things to witness. Have you ever been a part of some event that made you step back and realize nothing that happened could have ever happened apart from the hand of God being present and active?

It has been confirmed in my life over and over again that God has called me to my job at Swift Creek. He has provided, blessed and confirmed me here in multiple ways over the past 5 years. There have been multiple times things have happened that I knew it was only through his power that my work has been productive and successful.

Over the past few weeks I have known about my need for childcare workers this fall. We went on vacation at the end of August and I had not received a list of children signed up for MOPS before I left, so when I returned and saw that we have 93 kids signed up and I needed to hire 9 more childcare workers, needless to say, I was a bit concerned. I worked as hard as I was capable of, reaching out to as many people as I knew (and then some!) to try and fill this need.

One morning I realized I had not spent much time in prayer over this situation, so I took time aside and poured out my need to God, confessing my lack of trust in him and how I had not come to him sooner and released my “need” for control. I asked him to step in and provide. God brought just the right people at the right time to fill my need! His power was at work and I was blinded by my desire to do my job that I didn’t even allow myself to see it.

God’s power is always at work, it is up to us to look for it, allow it to be displayed over our own abilities and “work” and to be sure to communicate and share it with others when we have been blessed enough to be a recipient of it.

How have you witnessed the power of God in your life? Who have you shared that story with?

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