Go, Send, or Disobey

"Go, Send, or Disobey." -John Piper

When the mission to go and make disciples among the nations was announced in Matthew 28, Jesus didn't give it to just one man, nor to North American or International Mission Boards. He gave it to the church. Now, as to "going," we either "go" in person or play a role in the "sending" of those who are going to share the good news of Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and internationally. We do this first by praying for the missionary teams and for the lost themselves to hear and receive. We also "send" in our giving, as well as by training and encouraging those who are going. When we fail as a church body to either "go" or "send," we surely are disobeying a clear command.

In fact, missions is more than just activities in the local church. It should be its DNA:

When we evangelize, it's for the mission.
When we baptize...for the mission.
When we study scripture and train...for the mission.
When kids come each week to AWANA...for the mission.
When we intentionally invite neighbors over for dinner to get to know them better...for the mission.
When we sacrifice in giving of our time and our talents...for the mission.
When we throw open our church doors to the community for an event...for the mission.

This past weekend, our Men's Ministry held its annual Missions Golf Tournament. So yes, even when we golf, it can be fore (ha!) the mission. We had a great time at Birkdale with a record 14 teams participating. The whole day was filled with laughs, great food, and incredible weather. More than that, it was great to see our guys step up this year and contribute $2,000 toward youth missions efforts at Swift Creek. Our kids will have the chance to do more for the sake of the Gospel next year when they go to places like Atlanta, Montreal, or beyond.

Let me emphasize what this does for our students as well...at this impressionable time for our next generation, we're giving them the opportunity to experience how cross cultural ministry will plant deep roots of faith which last through college and into adulthood. As Men, we are standing alongside our students to say, "Yes, go! This is important. Love. Serve. Tell others about the cross. Tell them of God's love. Tell them there is hope in Christ!"

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