Get to Know Your Ministry Assistant: Bre Neudeck


Bre Neudeck has attended Swift Creek with her husband, Dave for the past 21 years. They have three children: Ben, Alissa and Erica. Although there is a good chance you have seen Bre on stage or in the sound booth on Sunday mornings, many people outside of the worship ministry are surprised to learn that Bre has served on staff as Worship Administrative Assistant for the past 13 years.

Some of her responsibilities include helping to  prepare for Sunday mornings and rehearsals, serving as a point of contact for volunteers in the worship ministry, and helping with selection for new music. As an active member of Swift Creek, she also serves with Dave as he teaches a Connect Group on Sunday mornings and she leads our cancer care ministry.

Music was always a passion for Bre, but as someone with a degree in psychology who played trumpet instead of piano or guitar, she never imagined she’d end up getting to pursue her passion professionally. “It's amazing how God has allowed me to serve him and it's not just my job but it’s ministry, and that's the way I always want to see it.”

One of her favorite tasks is being a part of the music selection process. When new music comes to the church, she and Pastor Trevor listen through it and try to find those songs that will resonate with the congregation.

 Music has influence over our theology and how we view God, and Bre appreciates how our pastors have always chosen songs wisely and prayerfully.

“Often songs get to sounding the same, but when you get that real gem, when you can tell that this song was inspired through something that the writer was going through in their walk, it's powerful.” She loves seeing the choir and then the congregation respond when they get to listen to those songs for the first time.

Another rewarding part of serving for Bre is the relationships she has with her co-workers  and volunteers in the worship ministry.  She appreciates the opportunities she has had to share the celebrations and challenges of life with her church family.

Outside of her roles at Swift Creek, Bre enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, biking, and doing anything outdoors. Although she does not have a favorite scripture verse (she is not someone who has a favorite color, food, movie etc), she is currently enjoying digging into what the Bible says about the holiness of God. “I’m seeing that the challenge, or encouragement really, is to strive to be more like him, to rest in him, and to choose holiness in my walk every day.”

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