A New Vision for International Missions

Over the last few months I’ve been writing about 10 questions that your pastoral staff want you to know the answers to. We come to the final question: Who is the unreached people/place that Swift Creek is trying to reach?

As many of you recall, four of us from Swift Creek went to Lima, Peru in April for a vision trip to determine if we could establish a partnership with a local church there. We came away very excited about the potential of starting this partnership, where we envision our church sending a team there 3-4 times a year. We are already making plans for these trips, which you will hear about very soon. I want to encourage you to be praying if the Lord would have you to go on one of these trips. If not, please be in prayer for our partnership with the church. Here’s the general information you will need to pray:

  • Partner Church: Cristo El Salvador Iglesia Evangelica Bautista Misionera in San Juan de Lurigancho district in Lima, Peru
  • Pastor: Pastor Zevallos
  • Unreached Place: Jirco Marca in the Andes Mountains, where there are many human settlements being built up. Cristo El Salvador is trying to reach out to this area, which is located a 30-45 minute drive north of their church.
  • Peru Partnership Strategy Team: Pastor Monty, Pastor Bryan, Jonathan Smith, Jamie Rutherford, Susan Spaulding, and Nelson Yount (this team will develop and implement strategic plans for our partnership and will report to the missions ministry team)

How to Pray:

  1. Pray for Pastor Zevallos and Cristo El Salvador to be used to reach the lost for Christ, especially through their ministry of outreach and children's discipleship on the mountain in Jirco Marca. The vision is that Cristo El Salvador will plant a healthy church that is able to reprise itself in a location farther up in the Andes Mountains within five years.
  2. Pray for our strategy team to have wisdom of how to partner with Cristo El Salvador
  3. Pray for those who will go on a trip to Peru
  4. Pray to determine if God is leading you to participate in a mission trip to Lima

Swift Creek Family, we have an incredible opportunity to partner with Cristo El Salvador in Lima, Peru. How awesome it is that God would lead us to partner with this church in South America! Please be in prayer that God will use us and Cristo El Salvador to reach many for Christ!

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