10 Questions You Didn't Know You Had, but We Have Answers To

Swift Creek,
I'm excited to start this new blog series examining questions that will allow you to know your church even better. I'll start by giving you ten questions that we would like every member to know the answer to. Let me just give you the list today, and then I'll spend the next ten weeks discussing them in a little more in detail.

Top 10 Questions We Want You to Know the Answer to…

  1. What is our mission statement?
  2. How is God working in your life right now?
  3. How can you pray for your pastors and church leaders?
  4. What non-believer can you build a relationship with, have gospel conversations with, or invite to church?
  5. What is our “Pray 4 One” focus of the month?
  6. What ministries do we have available here at Swift Creek?
  7. What are the lay leadership positions in our church?
  8. Why is it important that you serve?
  9. Why is it important that you give?
  10. Who is the unreached people group Swift Creek is trying to reach?

Check back each Thursday for the answers!

By: Pastor Monty

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