The deep regret I have for this act runs to the very depth of my soul. I will never forget that fateful night. Arriving in the garden with the mob around me. Backstabbing the eleven other men who I grew so close to over the past three years. Betraying the One whom I called “Rabbi.” When I kissed Him on the cheek, I sealed His fate.

Through this story of Zacchaeus, I think we can see an example of how many people today are searching for significance, for purpose, for salvation…many are searching, and they don’t even know they are searching. In looking at Zacchaeus’ life (Luke 19:1-10), I see four ways that we also measure our self-worth, and attempt to find fulfillment that only Jesus can bring.

Some of you remember the Gene Kelly movie “Singing In the Rain.” I recall the scene where he was so happy as he was singing while it was raining. Thinking of that made me wonder: how do we sing in the rain? In other words, when life is hard, how do we remain joyful?