As one of the songwriters said, "It’s the moment where they realize, ‘We are who we are, and we’re going to own our own identity.” The question I have for us is, “Do we know, understand and fully embrace our new identity…our new identity in Christ?”

Sometimes, life is just hard. It seems like, “it it can go wrong, it will.” We just can’t seem to win. When it rains, it pours. So…how do we remain faithful when we’re down and discouraged? Let me give you four practical ways to do that:

For many of us, our work encompasses more than one-third of our lives (for many, it’s more like one-half). If we are not actually working, we are often thinking about it, worrying about it, and stressing about it. So, how should we approach our work from a Christ-centered, gospel-centered perspective?